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(a) Patient rights requirements for all hospitals.
(1) A hospital shall adopt, implement, and enforce a policy to ensure patients'
rights. The written policy shall include:
(A) the right of the patient to the hospital's reasonable response to his or
her requests and needs for treatment or service, within the hospital's capacity, its stated mission,
and applicable law and regulation;
(B) the right of the patient to considerate and respectful care:
(i) the care of the patient includes consideration of the
psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural variables that influence the perceptions of illness;
(ii) the care of the dying patient optimizes the comfort and dignity
of the patient through:
(I) treating primary and secondary symptoms that respond
to treatment as desired by the patient or surrogate decision maker;
(II) effectively managing pain; and
(III) acknowledging the psychosocial and spiritual concerns
of the patient and the family regarding dying and the expression of grief by the patient and
(C) the right of the patient, in collaboration with his or her physician, to
make decisions involving his or her health care, to include the following:
(i) the right of the patient to accept medical care or to refuse

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Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Patient Rights, Chapter 133.42 

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Posted by Seton Medical Center Harker Heights on Wednesday, June 24, 2015