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Daily Room and Board Charge

This covers the cost of your room, meals, nursing, day-to-day operating costs and, where applicable, a private room surcharge.

Ancillary Services

You or your HMO/Insurance Company may receive several bills. Only one is from
the hospital. All tests, including blood and urine samples, X-rays, and other diagnostic tests and procedures ordered by your physician, medications from the pharmacy, and costs for
the operating room are charged separately to all patients at a standard rate.

Physicians' Bills

Many tests that are done require the involvement of a physician who specializes in the particular area. For examples, X-rays must be interpreted by a radiologist. In many instances you may never see that physician yourself. In others, like anesthesiology, the physician will interview and/or examine you. Each of these physicians, regardless of whether you have direct contact with them, assists you by performing or interpreting your tests and are entitled to bill for their services.

If you have questions about a particular bill, the quickest way to get an answer is to call the phone number on that particular bill. For the Hospital bill, call 1-877-851-4017.

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