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Drive Safely into the Holidays

car driving in the snow

Let’s face it, the roads are busy during the holidays. According to AAA, roughly 107.3 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home during Dec. 23 through Jan. 1 of last year. Whether you are traveling by sleigh or car, follow these simple tips to ensure the safety of you and other passengers before you hit the road.

– Familiarize yourself with the route you plan on taking and share it with those you are going to visit.

– Make sure your vehicle is inspected before a long drive (oil, brakes, tires, etc.). Bringing your car in to be serviced can deter a roadside incident from occurring.

– Prepare a well-stocked emergency kit to keep in your vehicle with necessary tools, including a spare tire, jumper cables and a first-aid kit.

– Pack a car charger for your phone, especially if you are using it for navigation.

– Never drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Make sure that whoever is driving is fully alert and gets plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel.