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Mother of Three Recommends Seton Medical Center Harker Heights for Maternity Care

3 sibling boys

Devin Brummett and her husband Charles have their hands full with three boys under the age of eight- and wouldn’t want it any other way.

“It gets loud and rambunctious at times, but it’s fun,” Brummett laughed.

Devin Brummett RN, BSN, is the ED Nurse Manager at Seton Harker Heights and has worked at the facility since November 2014. The mother of three took a few minutes outside of her role as an ED Nurse Manager to discuss her two exceptional birthing experiences at Seton Harker Heights.

Brummett’s sons, Charles, 2, and her 9-month-old Dean, were both born at Seton Harker Heights.

“It’s a clean facility, and my family and I were treated wonderfully,” Brummett said. “I trusted the people and I trusted the care, and it ended up being a wonderful experience. I felt the care that we received was exceptional.”

Brummett received prenatal care for both pregnancies from Wellstone physician, Dr. Marcos Sosa.

“My physician, Dr. Sosa, delivered here so it made it easy,” Brummett shared. “Even if my physician changed for my second delivery, I would have still chosen to deliver here.”

Due to timing, Dr. Sosa was unable to deliver Brummett’s sons. Wellstone physicians, Dr. Marisol Carpio-Solis and Dr. Cynthia Shirley delivered Charles and Dean. “I saw three different physicians and all of them were amazing,” Brummett said.

Brummett was especially appreciative of the nursing staff, who helped make both deliveries as comfortable and special as possible.

“The nurses were very attentive and helpful during both births. Even with my medical background, I still had questions, which were always appropriately addressed and answered. I felt valued as a person.”

Skin-to-skin time is important for both mom and baby, and Brummett was happy that the staff emphasized its importance.

“It brings comfort to baby,” Brummett explained. “You’re the only thing he or she has known for nine months and then it comes to the world, and it’s your muffled breathing, voice and heartbeat they know. Putting them directly on your chest following birth gives your baby all of that comfort immediately.”

Brummett appreciated how involved her husband was for both deliveries.

“They let my husband be very involved. He wanted to cut the cord and help with the first bath. So just knowing that he could be a part of that experience made the biggest difference. My husband being involved in those precious moments were important to me.”

Brummett and her family live in Lampasas, about a forty minute drive to Harker Heights. Even with closer options for immediate care, Brummett and her family seek care at Seton Harker Heights.

“I pass three hospitals to get here and there is a fourth hospital in the separate direction that is closer, but I still choose Seton Harker Heights.”

Please note Labor and Delivery Services No Longer Offered

Seton Medical Center Harker Heights and Wellstone Health Partners are no longer offering obstetrics and gynecology services.