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Texas Women Experiences Two Decades of Consistent, Compassionate Care

When Laurie McElhiney, 61, lost her first husband to cancer, she was in her late 30’s with two small children and in desperate need of a guiding force. In search of a new healthcare provider, McElhiney made an appointment with board-certified family medicine physician, Dave Webster, DO, and twenty years later has continued to trust him and Wellstone Health Partners for the care of herself and her family.

“From the moment I met Dr. Webster, he was very calm, kind and attentive,” said McElhiney. “He sat down and listened to every word of my story and never made me feel rushed. He knew exactly what I needed and steered me in the right direction for myself and my children, and at that moment, I knew I picked the right physician.”

Over the years, McElhiney has continued to experience excellent care from Dr. Webster and his team. But in 2015, a medical emergency took this care to unchartered heights.

“Dr. Webster literally saved my life,” said McElhiney. “I had a cyst in my nose that was infected with staph. My nose was getting larger, and the staph was starting to move into my brain. When Dr. Webster saw what was going on, he gave me antibiotics and arranged for me to go to the hospital, where I underwent two surgeries.”

Due to the severity of McElhiney’s infection, her nose had gone without circulation for a long period of time, causing her to lose significant cartilage in her nose and sinuses and making a portion of her face cave inward.

“This was unacceptable to Dr. Webster,” said McElhiney. “He would not settle until he could get me the care I needed. I knew my next step would be rhinoplasty, and once we found the right surgeon, he worked with my insurance company to ensure that they would provide approval. He really went to bat for me.”

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According to McElhiney, with every visit, Dr. Webster has and continues to go the extra mile.

“As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Webster doesn’t rush to make judgments or write prescriptions,” said McElhiney. “He listens to everything you have to say, asks many questions and often provides safe, holistic alternatives, which make a big difference to me and is one of the main reasons I initially chose him for my care.”

Additionally, McElhiney added that as great as Dr. Webster is with adult care, he is just as wonderful with children.

“As a child, my daughter started going to Dr. Webster and continues to see him as an adult,” said McElhiney. “For us, Dr. Webster and his team are family, and when you find a good doctor like him, you never let him go.”

Dr. Webster is welcoming new patients and accepts most insurance plans. He offers both in-clinic and online video visits. For more information or to request an appointment, call 254-690-8887.

In addition to Dr. Webster in Killeen, Wellstone Health Partners offers family medicine care in Belton and Harker Heights. Call 254-618-1020 for more information.