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5 Healthy Gift Ideas for Dad

Dad with his wife and child

Healthy gifts for dad don’t always have to be an expensive gym membership that he may or may not use, or the latest subscription to Men’s Health. In light of Movember and with the holidays rapidly approaching, check out these 5 healthy gift ideas for all the dads and husbands out there.

Re-useable water bottle: At some point in our life someone has probably said to us, “stay hydrated!” It’s easy to forget to drink water throughout the day, especially for all of the busy dads out there. The National Academy of Medicine determined that men should consume 125oz (around a gallon) of water per day. Encourage dad to drink more water by providing him with the best reminder to stay hydrated- a re-usable water bottle. Not only is this an eco-friendly gift, it will steer dad away from those sugary sodas in the break room. Don’t forget to mention that adding slices of fruit can add flavor!

Pull up and dip bar: Did you know that most men will lose about 30% of their muscle mass during their lifetimes? Keep dad strong and fit by surprising him with a pull up and dip bar. There are an abundance of workouts and exercises to tighten that dad bod!

Sit-stand desk: If you know that your dad or husband spends his 8-5 life sitting at a desk, this gift will do him wonders! Something simple as standing instead of sitting for a portion of the day can lower blood sugar levels, reduce weight gain, improve posture, limit back pain and even increase energy levels.

Yoga classes: You could always start off with a Groupon for a class and watch him fall in love with yoga all on his own! There are many reasons why yoga is beneficial not only for women, but men too! There are a number of benefits of practicing yoga. This activity is prone to relieving stress, sculpting muscles, strengthening mental focus and preventing injuries.

A good pair of shoes: They say a runner is doomed from the start if he or she has bad sneakers, well the same thing goes for dad! Dad’s foot health is important and by surprising him with the proper footwear or a gift certificate (so he can try different shoes on and see what feels good), you can reduce his risk of injury. Arch and ball of the foot pain, blisters, ankle sprains, fractures, bunions and even nail fungus can all occur because of improper footwear. Your dad and his feet will thank you!