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Holiday Eating Tips: Party Without Packing On the Pounds

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Skip the heaping helping of anxiety this holiday season by making smart eating choices no matter how many parties you attend. You can avoid packing on the pounds over the next couple of weeks and set yourself up for a healthy start to the New Year. It might take a bit of focus, but by following the tips below, you’ll be both eating well and feeling great!

A good party usually involves some enticing finger foods, dips and drinks, but that’s not the real reason you’re probably going. Remember that you came to this party to see friends and/or family. Try not to focus on the food element by knocking it down on the priority list.

Tips for your party strategy:

-Eat a healthy meal or snack before you even put on your party outfit. If you show up with food in your stomach you’re going to be less likely to dive head first into the cheese dip when you arrive.

– Make a plan. Think about what food you are most looking forward to enjoying. If you know you want to have your friend Emily’s incredible ginger snap cookies, plan on eating them and maybe skipping the other desserts.

– Bring your own dish. If you bring your own favorite, healthy option then you’ll know there is at least one thing you wont feel guilty about eating. (Remember: Easy on the salt and butter!)

– Step away from the buffet. If the sight or smell of those pigs in a blanket are too much to resist, simply find a spot at the party that’s further away from the food.

– Include alcohol in your plan. Casually throwing back egg nog, cider and other festive cocktails can rack up the calorie count. Consuming alcohol can also make you feel hungrier and makes you more likely to give into eating a lot. If you want to drink at the party, plan ahead. Another good tip to keep everything in moderation is to drink a full glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.

Follow these tips and you can still have as much fun as everyone else, minus the guilt. If you do have a few too many cups of mulled wine or tried every pie on the dessert table, don’t take that as permission to indulge at every turn. You can recognize that you could have made better decisions and plan on making them at the next party. Every day is a chance to make healthier decision!