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Physical Therapy Leads to Great Recovery

Man happily doing physical therapy

Glenn Blum ruptured the rotator cuff in his left shoulder when he was involved in an accident at work in February 2020. The urgent care he was being treated at recommended he go to Seton Medical Center Harker Heights for further treatment, and he began physical therapy shortly after in March.

Glenn had only been to physical therapy once before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was pleasantly surprised after beginning treatment at Seton Harker Heights.

Glenn is incredibly thankful for his physical therapist, Catherine, who always knew exactly what he needed to do and how hard he should push himself.

“She was very caring, transparent and interactive,” Glenn shared.

Glenn was informed that he must repair his rotator cuff through surgery as a requirement to get him back to normal and back to work. Unfortunately, this news came around the same time that COVID-19 hit the area and his surgery was postponed for three months.

Even though he had hoped to be back at work by now, Glenn’s spirits are high as he notices great progress in his recovery. He is thankful that Dr. Duggan did such an excellent job on his surgery and that his physical therapy team has worked so hard to give him his mobility and strength back.

The care Glenn received at Seton Harker Heights went far beyond his physical therapy treatment. He knew that everyone he came in contact with had his best interest in mind and truly cared about his recovery. They quickly became a strong support system to pull Glenn through his recovery. Because of this, Glenn would recommend the Seton Harker Heights physical therapy program to any of his family and friends who need physical therapy.

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